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What You See Is What You Get! 

Other websites offering "We Pick"  or "Similar Type"  frags & colonies is compromising to your reef building vision. Every coral listing on our site, once sold, it’s gone. So don't settle, just pick what you want and get what you picked. With our uniquely designed, state of the art retail facility and the opening of our aquaculture farm, we've created a constant inventory rotation of coral. Nurturing colonies, precision fragging, proper healing time, while simultaneously promoting optimal health, color & growth.

Aquaculture Farm & Learning Center

Our Florida State Certified Aquaculture Farm is where it all happens. Marine Technologists & coral caregivers oversee and nurture our coral colonies and marine husbandry. Continuing minimal non-evasive colony fragging sessions for rapid optimal healing. You'll never see the "just fragged" look with any of our retail offerings. Additionally, we'll be scheduling "in the round" style seminars from "Reefing 101" to "Fragging & the Diamond Saw" including "Industry Leader" lectures for the novice & continuing education experts. 

We're Spanning the Globe

We diligently research our industry for the latest advancements in aquaculture farming and globally search out the most prestigious live coral suppliers that meet our standards of aquaculture and mariculture farming.

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211 Hancock Bridge Parkway 

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Aquaculture Farm & Learning Center

2634 Northeast 9th Avenue, Cape Coral, Florida 33909

Please call for more information, hours of operation, schedule a private viewing or pick-up. (239) 573-7693

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